Tide Purclean Laundry Detergent

OMG Tide has made it to my clean blog! This brand is known for being all mighty and full of some pretty (let's face it) Good cleansers. Yes, some purists that make their own homemade stuff or opt for something completely clean, wouldn't even give Tide a thought. But maybe they deserve a second glance with their newest detergent.

The Body Deli

If you’ve ever travel to Palm Springs, CA- you have to drive to El Paseo in Palm Desert,CA  and check out the great shops. In this rodeo drive-like street I found The Body Deli and I can truly say there’s nothing else like this! They've been featured in magazines like Self, Cosmo, and Vouge. Some … Continue reading The Body Deli

My Cat Made Me Throw Away My Oils

I'm sure you all know cats can be highly sensitive to certain essential oils. Thats like common sense right? The kitt-tays have an amazing sense of smell, so you gotta be wondering what the effects of essential oils are on cats.

Whats an Oily Mama?

Alright, what’s this new term that has surfaced  oily mama? Maybe you want to be an oily mama too! Well first off, you need to know that they’re talking about essential oils. I know…it sounds a lot freak-ier than that! Just oils. Why are they all the rage the last few years? They've been used … Continue reading Whats an Oily Mama?