When Workouts Won’t Fit- Finding Balance

Wondering when you’ll ever fit a workout in? (updated post, read till the end)

How do you get a moment to even write out a clean eating grocery list? You’re not alone! Life as a mom is absolutely crazy! Each morning I wake with new aspirations, then something unexpected happens. I end up going to bed exhausted and defeated. Does this sound familiar? Heres the cold hard truth:

You’ll never find time, but you can create the time.

My secret to fitting in “me” time has been making the time. It’s not the only ingredient though! Some days you actually really cannot create that time, but most days you can. Can you create an hour? Probably. Can you create 30 minutes? Very possible. Just try.

The next ingredient to making time for yourself is prioritizing. I don’t claim to be super organized and surely I’m not Mrs. Betty homemaker, so I won’t be talking about all the actual things you need to prioritize. Only you know what needs to happen, but writing it down can be really effective. Of course my baby is my priority, but some days are less indulgent. I heard it before “they’re only little for so long”. While this may be true, they do sleep and play alone most times.



The final ingredient is to be held accountable by something or someone. Without accountability, we really don’t have a reason. No one wants to just get up at 5am to go run. If they do, they may have a reason behind it. Maybe they’re training for a marathon. When there’s something attached to your goals, you’re more likely to reach them. This is definitely true for me. I need reason. The whole “Postpartum Transformation” thing is sometimes not enough. Get a partner or follow an actual program. Unfortunately, our husbands don’t count. They are great for support though!

My Weight Loss Over A Year Ago Doing Home Workouts

*Sad but true update 9/2017

About a year after I wrote this I continued my healthy lifestyle and workouts, but got totally got derailed by moving and the stresses the mom life can bring. I can make all the excuses I want, but I really just wasn’t taking control. It wasn’t a priority and now I’m paying for it. This isn’t easy for me to share, but its real.




20+ lbs gained and totally lost all that progress I made.

I’m getting back on track slowly but surely. Here’s what I’m up to:

I started KETO diet and seems like everyone is doing it these days! It’s basically where you eat tons of fat. I’m totally down with that, but I’m not 100% sure I know what I’m doing. I have extra energy, so that’s pretty cool!

Also, instead of trying to haul my daughter to the gym- I’m just walking, going hiking, doing yoga at home, taking vitamins, and literally doing push-ups next to my bed. The good news is that all of this work is paying off! I’m losing again! What I’ve learned from this weight loss and gain is that my health should always be a priority, I have to find an eating plan that’s not restricting, but keeps me away from junk. I just needed to start something simple and easy to follow.

My weight changes, my life throws curveballs, but this old post reminds me of the very first rule of success when it comes to weightloss (cause I did it before!) just make the time. Progress pics to come…

I hope this inspires some mom out there to get moving. Wish me luck!



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