5 Reasons Why Your Next Yoga Mat Should Be Cork

Out with the old and in with the new! The yoga mat is evolving and here’s 5 things you need to know about cork yoga mats and see the one I chose!



Peace of mind is kind of what were trying to achieve in yoga right? There’s nothing worse (to me) than not being able to hold a pose because of my slippery rubber mat…then landing in a puddle of my own sweat! Apparently, cork contains a wax-like substance called Serbian, this has almost a suction-grip when wet.


It doesn’t hold the yuckies! Cork is naturally anti-microbial and if that isn’t enough for you and your hardcore hot yoga sessions, it can actually be cleaned with essential oils! I recommend lemon or tea tree essential oils.


The cork trees continue to grow after the cork is taken from the trunks. The cork trees mature about every 9 years and can be re-harvested easily. The bottom of the mat is lined with recycled tire, so from top to bottom of this mat, you can feel good about the environment and your footprint.

You can find some very cool designs

I love Yoloha mats because of their design + rubber lined design in the Nomad series. I chose the Wanderlust print cause it just spoke to me. The Sacred geometry was a close second choice though. (Shop here and enter code “TwinkleMom” at checkout for 10% off)

You can feel good

The cork yoga mats offer so much peace of mind when it comes to being conscious about the environment and sustainability. If you want to repurpose your old yoga mat you can check out this old post for a craft idea, or check out Pinterest for some really cool home décor ideas with old yoga mats.

Yoloha was such a great pick for me that I decided to become an ambassador too! Their concept formed from surfboard designs, they’re an eco-friendly family, and a US-based company. The choice to network with a great group of people wasn’t that hard. I love choosing to work with brands that support my way living toxic-free. If you shop with Yoloha here make sure you don’t miss out on savings made just for my readers enter “TwinkleMom” for 10% off your whole purchase!Oh and if you haven’t yet, you can check out how I’m loving this mat on my Instagram. Follow me @mrspfisty and Yoloha @yolohayoga cause they’ve got some pretty sweet inspo!

Have you ever heard of cork yoga mats? What do you use?

One thought on “5 Reasons Why Your Next Yoga Mat Should Be Cork

  1. Wow, these are beautiful! I have been planning on getting a new yoga mat sometime soon but wasn’t sure which route to go, I’ll have to definitely consider getting a cork mat.

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