8 Simple Things You Can Do To Detox Your Home (While Shaking Your Butt)

8 Simple Things You Can Do To Detox Your Home (While Shaking Your Butt)

Cleaning up your toxic act doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keep reading and I’ll show you a simple place to start with my list 8 Simple Things You Can Do To Detox Your Home (While Shaking Your Butt). As soon as I started detoxing my home, I found some pretty surprising things I could’ve been doing.

One interesting fact is that the EPA ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental dangers. Yikes! We naturally think of people burning wood, using horrible products, and living in moldy environments right? You may be surprised what toxins may be right under your nose.

Here’s my short list of the most important things (in my opinion) you can do now. This should help you clear the air about all of this confusing toxic stuff!

1. Open Your Windows Like Beyonce


Open up those windows! Toxins like formaldehyde, organic volatile compounds, and unnoticed mold can be circulated through the home daily. This simple thing once a day can help to keep toxins out of your home.

2. Shake It All About


"The Neighbors Have Better Stuff" Doormat contemporary-doormats


Get some door hygiene. Think about what you walk on all day. Asphalt chemicals, pesticides, and organic volatile compounds are just a few toxins you can bring into your home everyday. Although, you’re not licking the floor (hopefully not!) a good practice is just to leave the shoes at the door, and get a good mat. Simple!

3. Vacuum Like Your Mom Did


My mom was a mad vaccumer! Vacuuming is a wonderful way to get toxins out. I know you’re thinking “duh!”, but seriously, this is pretty important to get most of the toxins out of the home. All of the above might help, but this is actual physical proof you’re getting the bad stuff out! Make sure you use a HEPA filter. This type of filter will rid particles as small as .5 microns, such as bacteria, debris, pet dander, and dust mites.


4. Say “Bye Felicia!”

Get rid of those name brands. Lets face it, most things in our cleaning or personal products contains ingredients difficult to pronounce. Some things are natural preservatives, but most of the time it’s all chemicals. Start tossing things that add toxins to your life. It’s not as easy as it seems, but it could be a great healthy change worth the effort. So read and replace!

5. Don’t Be a Deadpan

Recognize what you’re cooking every night with could be harming your family. Teflon is a debatable topic as to whether or not the chemical PFOA is found to be toxic to humans. Why take a chance? Theres other options out there. The most popular alternative is ceramic coated cookware. These come in pretty nice sets and colors. Beware though, once they get scratched-its time to toss them! The best options for you and your family is stainless steel, copper, or full ceramic bakeware.

6. Don’t Microwave In Plastic

This seems so simple, but some people still don’t know the effects of microwaved plastics. The heat emits toxins that mimics hormones and gets into your food. That’s enough the scare me! Microwave safe doesn’t always mean the best. And about that microwave…thats a whole different story. Just stick to glass!

7. Get That Green

Get some plants in your home. Yes, plants can actually detox your home! The Peace Lily, Ivy, Ficus, Fern, Mums, Mother in-laws Tongue, and Aloe Vera plants are all supposed to do the job. Some plants remove certain compounds in the air better than each other, but just having a few plants could make a big difference. Remember to check that the plants you choose is safe for your furry family members.

8. Filter Your Mouth

Okay, you probably already do this. Filtering your water sounds easy enough.  I like this Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter. It’s made with a coconut carbon filter. You can look up your own city water report (you should really check it out on your city website.) Its a little confusing, but I found high levels of arsenic and radium in our report. So its worth the read!

Its all about awareness + choice. What are some things you’ve done to reduce toxins in your home today?