Stains Can Stick It!

Theres a new stain remover bar in town that looks like butter. I used it and I’m sharing all about it. 

Can’t stains just go away? I’ll be honest, I usually just end up donating clothes I don’t have the energy to fix. I know theres a way, but GOSH they can be pesky! If your like me and don’t feel like spending your afternoons working on stains-then read on…

Smart Clean Ingredients.jpg

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Borax.

So I opened the package of the Smart Klean Stain Remover, it was a hard, fresh sweet smelling, wax-like bar. I made sure to follow the directions, which state:

  1. Wet area first
  2. Rub stick where needed
  3. Scrub
  4. Throw in the wash

Easy enough right? I had the perfect shirt that just got marker all over it. I started rubbing the stick and noticed it has real foam all the sudden. I could actually work with the suds to move them around the stain area. I scrubbed with my little knitted scrubbie (I just love those things!) and off the first blue tulle shirt went into the wash with several other pieces.

Tulle Shirt

First Blue Tulle Marker-Stained Shirt

I peeked as I took it out to go in the dryer and unfortunately, it didn’t get all of the marker mostly on the tulle area. BUT I tried a few other stains and here’s what happened.

The second thin pink shirt I tried was stained in grass and set out in the sun for a full 24 hours before I applied the Smart Klean Stain Remover. I repeated the directions and as I removed in from the dryer, I noticed lighter areas where I scrubbed. It got the grass out, but it looks like I may have scrubbed the delicate cotton material.

Pink Thin Shirt

Second Pink Grass-Stained Shirt

The last one to finally go in the wash was the third ketchup-stained green cotton shirt. This one I noticed immediate results after scrubbing in the Smart Klean Stain Remover. I was very pleased with this one! After all, my daughter mostly wears thick cotton clothes and her stains are mostly foods.

Cotton Shirt

Third Green Ketchup-Stained Shirt

Overall, I absolutely love that its eco-friendly, non-toxic, and that theres no wait time. I love the way it suds and smells. I am a little weary cause I haven’t tried to remove wine and it doesn’t seem to work on tulle. Other than that, I will be using the Smart Klean Stain Remover Bar for my everyday laundry stains!

Final Stain

Final Shirts After Using Smart Klean Stain Remover

The company is the same one that makes the laundry ball (which you can read all about here) and this is the perfect addition to being completely eco-friendly and non-toxic with my laundry routine. I never thought I would be this legit in getting toxic and wasteful products out of my home, yet here I am! 

You can purchase the Smart Klean Stain Remover Sticks here. I recommend stocking up to save on shipping!

 I was not compensated to review this product. 

Have you tried it? Tell us what you think below!


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