My Cat Made Me Throw Away My Oils

I’m sure you all know cats can be highly sensitive to certain essential oils. Thats like common sense right? The kitt-tays have an amazing sense of smell, so you gotta be wondering what the effects of essential oils are on cats. This can be a tricky subject with a lot of controversies, so I’ll keep it simple as to what oils are considered “hot”, and tell you what I do now that we have a cat.

Essential Oils Cats

Poppy and I


Because Vets weren’t trained on holistic care and given the fact that essential oils just became very popular, you’re not going to find a whole lot of info out there. There was however a few common questions we can ask ourselves. I think the most important thing to ask is -what brands are you using?  Not all oils are made the same. Some oils have by-products, fillers, and some oils just naturally contain compounds that cause sensitivity in animals.

Lavender RMO Styled

I threw away all my oils and started fresh with Rocky Mountain Oils because of they offer GC/MS testing on every bottle purchased. Basically, its a chemistry technique for analysis on the oils. I like that they’re non-mlm and not over-priced. With all the rage with oils lately, its important to take a look at which oils you use and to steer clear of diffusing or applying certain oils topically to your pet.

Each essential oil is carefully bottled into protective amber glass bottles by trained professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. Bottles are securely sealed, labeled side and top, and prepared to ship to customers. -Rocky Mountain Oils

Heres the “Hot List” of oils that could be dangerous to cats:


Cat Essential Oil Hot List


Now on to what I do.  I diffuse a lot of properly diluted Lavender in my home. I still use peppermint in my lotions, and only utilize orange, lemon, or red mandarin in my morning showers to perk me up. Tea Tree is also something that is still a part of my self-care routine, but all of my oils are stored, diluted properly, and used mindfully. Like I said earlier in the post there’s isn’t much information out there, so just be conscious of your oil use. My research on this isn’t over on this topic, but this list is just a good place to start if you are new to essential oils!

Teatree RMO Styled

The holidays will be a little trickier with all those wonderful woodsy oils. Basically, don’t diffuse whats on the list or apply topically any of them before talking to a professional.

Love your pets and still love your oils!

Because I love these oils and their mission to make the oil industry more transparent, I’ve partnered with RMO. If you want to read more about the oils I use or shop Rocky Mountain Oils head here.  Any purchases made through my link supports my blog to bring you helpful articles like this.

What has been your experience with oils and pets? Join the conversation below!



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