Do Sulfates Make You Ugly?

Do Sulfates Make You Ugly?

I love that feeling when I wash the makeup and sins off my face in the evening. After I do that, I lay on my bed and lather my face with thick night cream (half-asleep of course). I also check my Instagram, emails, and Pinterest for a minute (or thirty). It’s the end of the day and I could care less about what I just put on my face. That is until I read about sulfates crap on Pinterest. Holy heck! Can a girl just sleep and not worry about these crazy things these days? NO, because the warnings are everywhere.

I know you wanna know if sulfates really make you ugly, so here’s the scoop:

  1. Sulfates strip natural oils. Skip it and go for an alternative so you can have a luscious head of hair.
  2. Your skin is going to benefit from a gentler cleanser. I love this one from Accure Organics.
  3. Sulfates could be airborne, possibly contain solvents from manufacturing, and have bio-accumulative effects on your whole body.
  4. Sulfates have been shown to hurt marine life, and that’s ugly.

Okay, it may just be us nerdy mamas out there. I bet though, everyone’s heard “sulfate-free” these days. Its listed right in-front on a lot of new products, its in all the homemade house cleaner pins on Pinterest. I refuse to let this be the question that keeps me up at night while I’ve wrestled a toddler all day long. Let’s put this baby to sleep!

Sulfates Make You Ugly
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What are sulfates?

Sulfate or sulfates is a surfactant made from sulfur-containing mineral salts. It’s used in most of our soaps and cosmetics and is hailed “king” for doing its job of removing oils and cleaning. The next natural question- are sulfates safe? I can’t really answer that, but evidence shows according to this it may not be. I do know it’s an irritant and possibly an environmental toxin. What’s worse is that during process of making this surfactant itself, it could create 1,4 dioxane. Dioxane is a whole different story. Read more about that nasty here. Oh and as gross bonus, the FDA allows sulfates in our foods!

I get it though, sometimes there’s nothing like good ol’ suds when it comes to cleaning. Throw it in the cart and BOOM! I’m all about saving time and doing what I can in the toxic-free department. I also despise fear-mongering and being afraid of every single thing-It’s a balance. The more you know the easier you can decide.

So what are my alternatives? You can start by finding a less mild option like coconut derived cleansers, castille soap (so many people use Bronners!), aloe, witch hazel, and other concoctions. Get the picture?

Which alternative do you use? Or which “clean” brands have you found of cleansers? Share below!