Campfire Tin Foil Recipe

Campfire Tin Foil Recipe

Tin Foil Recipe

 Campfire tin foil recipes always sound delicious, but are they actually tasty? Now I can say it’s hit or miss.

Ever since we moved to the Pacific Northwest; camping, campfires, and wildlife has excited us. My experience with tin foil recipes actually started when we were on our cross-country trip from Florida to Idaho (Coeur D’Alene). We stayed at KOA campgrounds and hotels along the way, but our most memorable stay was where we cooked over the campfire. I had no idea what I was doing and actually picked up a tin foil campfire recipe book at the little convenience store. Lets just say that didn’t end so well.

Recently I saw an Instagram challenge to make a meal out of an MRE

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Recently I saw an Instagram challenge to make a meal out of an MRE (these are the food packs military guys eat when they are out in the back country). As a military wife you would think I’ve at least tasted one of these before, but nope! You can read about the challenge here. This was my time to impress my hubby with my tin foil backcountry gathering skills. (is that what its called?) I would seriously fail at homesteading, but THIS I could do!

I would seriously fail at homesteading, but THIS I could do!


So the rules listed to use two ingredients and some of your own. I saw the peanuts and jerky instantly thought of an curry recipe. Who doesn’t want delish spices and a break from traditional camping foods like hotdogs! I wanted to be able to actually throw this in my backpack and be able to cook it over a campfire. I also want to make some additional recipes for tiny wooden stoves. It could be useful when we do our upcoming tiny house trip in Montana. So this is what I came up with!

Coconut Curry Peanut Sautéed Jerky With Sweet Potatoes

Gill Mates Campfire Foil

I made a coconut curry peanut sautéed jerky with sweet potatoes. The McCormick’s herb packet was the true winner. The McCormicks packets are non-gmo and tastes like I just handpicked the herbs. P.S if you buy these MRE meals, don’t eat the gum, its’ a laxative!

Grill Mates MRE Foil

So the tin foil recipe challenge was fun, I gained confidence I could feed my family in the wild, got to learn about my husbands job, and ate a really good lunch!

Campfire Foil Recipes
Thought this was funny. MRE heater.

Curry Jerky Recipe:

  • Beef Jerky
  • Trail Mix (separate the peanuts)
  • McKormicks Grill Mates Packets
  • Coconut Milk
  • 1 Sweet Potato


Create a bowl with the foil, add sliced sweet potato and spices set on grill. Make another bowl and add the jerky, peanuts, and coconut milk, and more McKormicks herbs. Place both on grill for just 7 minutes or so.

What recipes have you tried with tin foil and a campfire?



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