Facebook Killed My Creativity

I did a Facebook detox and found out that I was horribly addicted to Facebook.

Like whoah! The social network made it so easy to get lost in the feed and share anything and everything about my day. I was okay with being an over-sharer and even a little self-deprecating. I loved political posts and freedom of speech aspect on the social media network, but you know what? It didn’t feel right. I would spend hours being nosy (let’s be real here…) and at the end of the day, I wasn’t really building relationships or socializing. I thought it was socializing.


I was going to sign-off after I got on the Gram (Instagram) and I didn’t want to miss out on the news or new family photos. I wanted to share all about my days as a new mom. I wanted the world to see how proud I was of my cute little baby. I was looking good after losing my baby weight and wanted to share to hopefully inspire other mamas. I never signed-off. How was I ever going to get off of this network?

Guilty of lots of these!

I finally detoxed myself of Facebook when it actually got hacked. It took some strength! I even downloaded the app a few times while contemplating going back. This is where I really started to reflect about how Facebook made me feel. What the heck was it doing to my brain? It felt so strange after a few weeks.

 Here’s 6 Things I Did To Detox From Facebook

  1. Leave the app on your phone
  2. Tell a friend for accountability
  3. Get busy being creative
  4. Call people
  5. Go out in nature
  6. Try any other social network ( but Facebook!)

My tribe is over on Instagram and YouTube. Motivational and very inspiring people that share messages through imagery and helpful videos. You’re not forced into reading the text and seeing the news. My friends on Instagram are creators, crafters, family-lovers, workout-ers. I bet you can think of 5 of your friends right now that are more Instagram-ers. They live the life that they envision and nothing more- that’s some powerful stuff I want to be around!

Old friends and acquaintances will still be around or on your other networks. Your family is just a call away.

What Happened After 3 Months Of Not Being On Facebook?

The cross-country trip during our relocation helped take my mind off of it! I picked up the phone more and explored lots of cool apps. I felt more in-tune with my husband and daughter.

I can actually focus much more! I feel more creative juice just being off of Facebook. If you thought of detoxing from Facebook, this infographic is for you!

Have you ever tried a Facebook detox? How long did it last?


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