Influencer Networks You Need To Know

So you’re a blogger or Influencer, now what?

Being an influencer or blogger with a trusted following can reap big rewards these days! The best part about working for yourself, is you get to choose which brands you want to partner up with. Some brands have more restrictions, lower commissions, or shorter cookies (length of time it follows your customer online, so you can get the sale whenever they purchase) so make sure you take the time to read about the company and their small print.

What is the difference between Influencer Networks & Affiliate Networks?

Basically, you need something other than social media to do an affiliate program like a website, cause it involves a lot of links and banners. Influencer networks usually use discount codes to track your sales.

Here is  a few large networks that can pay pretty pennies if you have a solid strategy!


Commission Junction



Amazon Associates

These networks all have big brand names like BH cosmetics, Levis, ABC Mouse, and others. You can get on board with program from party supplies to lip glosses. I would recommend to ask your audience what they are most interested in.


Just an Influencer On Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube Or Twitter?

Okay, so you’re not into the blogging and website stuff, but you have content like funny memes, videos, or beautiful pics. You can create a level of income that makes you feel like you’re living the dream doing what you love!

Heres a few Social Influencer Networks You Need To Know:






The networks typically send you the campaigns and offers money in exchange for a mention, post, or link.  This is much easier than content creation like blogging, but there is a bunch of people doing it right now. Some of these agencies also have large following restrictions.

I prefer blogging and doing my own thing with affiliate links, mostly because I have more control over all of it. Also,  because my content can constantly be making me money in the future (called evergreen). Which will you choose to do? Influence through blogging or straight social influence? Maybe a little of both?

Tell us how you’re growing your influence in the comments!

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