3 Reasons To Start Posting On IGTV

IGTV is yet another social media outlet, but I have 3 reasons why you should be watching it closely. These 3 reasons might not fit with every business, but influencers can definitely have a great start to building empires with IGTV.

  1. 2nd largest search engine next to Google

  2. Customers are 60%+ more likely to buy after a video

  3. The viewers are already there

The fact that the screen is vertical can be a challenge for quality, but creators thrive off of new mediums. RIP Vine, but there were some big creators that came from those short homemade style videos.

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Youtube has been on top mostly because they do video first. Facebook does social connection well and what does the Gram do?  Instagram does visual first and exploration second. What does this have to do with video?

It’s really simple if you think about it, not a lot of people are searching single words on Facebook or Youtube like you can on the Gram. Were lazy! Also, what do people expect on the gram? Excellent visuals, videos that inspire, and up to the minute trends.

Instagram Is Hot!

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Youtube has a few cards up their sleeve that could keep big creators from straying though. The two big things are selling products under the videos and creating memberships. These 2 features have been in beta for some time, but was announced to be rolling out the day after Instagram announced IGTV. If that doesn’t say they’re intimidated, I don’t know what does!

Personally, I think there’s room for Youtube and IGTV, but it may divide the demographics. Younger users like their phones and can appreciate any form of video especially if it means less work. The older users (and perhaps students) love their desktop viewing experience. Facebook and Youtube tells us this data.

We all know that being influential takes a community, a tribe, and takes some establishment. Can established influencers on Youtube turn around and be a top influencer in a new channel or medium? Most likely, the answer is no.  Your tribe becomes used to you in your environment. Some people may be successful at re-directing their tribe, but very few. I’m going to say that this is a new platform for maybe under-rated influencers and provides a new channel for brands. Super exciting!

Monetization on IGTV

What’s in it for influencers and brands? Right now you have the ability to post a video and a link in the description. This is great and all, but how will Instagram capitalize on my popular content? Will they share a piece of the pie per-say? What do you think? It won’t work if it’s not a win-win for advertisers and creators. Either way, make great content, disrupt, and have fun!

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