I Tried 4 (Popular ) Non-Toxic Foundations and Here’s What Happened


I Tried 4 Popular Non-Toxic Foundations and Here’s What Happened

I went straight to the back of Sephora thinking I would claim the best non-toxic foundation once and for all. I tried 4 popular non-toxic foundations and here’s what happened: OMG it took a lot more time than I had imagined! The very first thing I did was make sure the packaging said no parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, talc, fragrances, or BHT, as well as vegan, cruelty-free, and more. Isn’t it such a mouth full of things we have to worry about? I guess we don’t have to, but I was determined to go as natural as possible. I always thought our bodies just detoxed itself and never took into the account of cumulative effects of what I was using.

The long journey to find the right and effective non-toxic foundation officially started. Surprisingly, some didn’t even make the cut for a review! So a little background on my skin; It’s dry as heck during the day and gets oily as the day goes on. I have lots of aging spots near my eye corners and lots of uneven shadowed spots around my lips and eyes. Foundation is my miracle in a bottle. I prefer something quick and smooth to apply.


The first foundation that drew me in for my dry skin was the Josie Maran- Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid ($45). Okay, maybe it was the bottle. This colorfully packaged foundation was right around the same price as most I saw, so I thought I would give it a try. I love argan oil! The consistency was very fluid-like and best applied with a brush (in my opinion). It smelled nice and I used it for 2 days. A whole 2 days! Why? It was a little too moisturizing and didn’t cover much.

The foundation creased on all of my wrinkles and barely covered. I have yet to try the newest foundation from her line called Matchmaker Serum Foundation. Too bad on the original, cause I loved the packaging and wanted the sweet properties of argan on my skin. On to the next…


My next try was Cover FX- Natural Finish Foundation ($40) sold at Sephora as well. Apparently, the brand doesn’t sell anything with parabens, sulfates, fragrance, mineral oil, and talc. The foundation had a decent price and a perfect consistency, I had to try it. I used this one for 2 months and purchased another tube.

It covered, it glided, it stayed, and it lasted longer than most of my foundations prior. Is it the tube? I’m still not sure, but this product is pretty amazing for my combo skin. A bonus is that its made with Squalene oil which may be the next “it” beauty oil. Loved this one!

The next on my list (even though I found one I liked) was this Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation ($39) all my friends were buying. I had to try this one for my readers! The first thing I thought was “whoa! this baby is thick”, but I knew I did want to cover those age spots as much as possible. I also thought of how it may last way longer than the prior foundations I’ve used. I threw it in my Ulta shopping bag and carried on. When I used it the next day, I used a brush for the thick consistency and it took a minute to get all the lines smoothed. It looked great, just a felt a little heavy. The next day I used my fingers to apply it. Again, it looked great and covered. By the third day I just didn’t have enough patience and used my other foundation that slathered on and glided in place. Ugh!! Moms aint got time for all that! I wish I loved it, but it takes to long and is too thick. Another upcoming brand I have yet to try with Amazonian clay ingredients is made by 14e. You can read all about their ingredients here.

This next one I was hesitant to try. It’s a multi-level marketing product from Beauty Counter. I don’t even know why I was hesitant. Maybe I didn’t want to hurt any 4/5 friends that sold Beauty Counter Tint Skin Foundation ($41) on social media? I really should have grabbed it at Target when they carried them for a short while. I was lucky a friend saw I wanted to go non-toxic and jumped to sending me samples. How could I say no?

I really was curious and their company’s mission definitely matched my blog with being non-toxic and all. So a week later I got the samples and matched my skin color by combining 2 of them. The cream foundation comes in a tube and glided on nicely. It covered and then it dried out fairly quickly. What?! There was no more blending options after 1 minute. Could this be a good thing for moms? Overall I liked it, but I didn’t want to have to mix two colors and have it dry my skin. I could see how it may work very nicely for oily skin types. I just wished they had a bigger variety, cause I’m totally on board with their mission to change the cosmetic industry.

One other brand that’s I’ll be watching closely is Willing Beauty. Right now they only have a tinted primer, but they really strive to just protect skin from the sun and they use some nourishing ingredients, which is pretty important don’t cha think?!  Also, Jane Iradale, Juice Beauty, and W3ll People are on my list to try (perhaps another review post soon?)


So many of my friends insisted I try some other brands, but honestly they just didn’t make the cut (see printable card). Choosing a non-toxic foundation is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I still didn’t understand a lot the ingredients named in these brands and still question some as I researched. For example; Titanium Dioxide is listed in most foundations to protect from the sun, but its shown to have possible carcinogenic effects. The point is, we have to find a balance between awareness and choice as the industry gets cleaner and more transparent. One thing I will end this post on is that luxury doesn’t always equal better and drugstore brand foundations come with a price.

P.S my car selfies are kinda out of control!

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