Free Blog Starter Checklist

So you wanna start a blog?

You want to blog for a living or for fun. Either way, it can be lucrative.

I know… it seems like a ton of work and info overload y’all! Like, what will you even write about?

What if I told you that it didn’t even matter?

Which topic you wanted to write about, or that you don’t have to be an expert?

Heck, I didn’t even know what I wanted to blog about when I started this blog. Now I’m making money from home in my mix-matched pjs (no shame!).

This is also of course when my toddler lets me actually get things done #momlife.

Opportunity is calling!

From guest blogging, to writing gigs, to selling your own products, to becoming the next mom influencer, or to learning a whole new host of skills you can use to work independently. The sky really is the limit and content (blogging) is so huge for various reasons I’ll explain to ya later. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but help.

I know you have a million things to do!

So download this checklist and read it later.

Blog Checklist Freebie

If you’ve ever thought of starting a blog, download this checklist first!

Trust me, it will save you tons of time!

I made every mistake in the book and that’s why I created this totally free 1-3 step resource to get you started!

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While I got you here, check out some really helpful tools that I use for blogging:

1. WordPress– I use it because it’s easy and the most used blogging platform out there. It can be a little intimidating at first, but it’s just like learning any new system, minus all that coding mambo-jumbo! Get your new blog launched here.
2. Trello– This is a basically a Pinterest for workflow. A blogging calendar can be a lot for a mama, but this is a more task oriented plat form where you can plan all of your content and even collab with others. You can check them out here and join my blogging board.
3. MailChimpFree email management and marketing.

4. Instragram– It’s a basic, but some people still don’t know the magic behind Instagram. Download the app on your smartphone and follow me!