5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Help With Weight Loss

5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Help With Weight Loss

I’ve been there and done that! Kids and no kids, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit and it always came down to me and my desire to get moving, Firstly, you should never strive to unhealthy skinny and you should love what you got wherever you’re at in life. Sometimes stress is a real and big culprit. When you’re ready to make healthy changes, you can follow my 5 Jedi mind tricks to help you become successful at keeping the unwanted pounds at bay!

1. Wear Reminder Jewelry Usually bad choices are made on impulse. You crave sugar, then the next thing you know it’s in your mouth! This idea works by giving you a reminder and a moment before all the damage is done. It’s kinda like the whole “sleep on it thing”. Make it fun, go treat yourself and even add a charm! Chances are you would have spent that money on junk food anyway. This is my lovely reminder below.


2. Write in a Gratitude Journal Your attitude is like a flat tire, if you don’t change it, you will never go anywhere. When trying to make changes like weight loss, we forget how emotionally challenging it is. Life gets busy and we get stuck on a hamster wheel. Get off the wheel for 5 minutes before you goto bed and leave a little trail of gratitude behind. Research has shown so many benefits linked to journaling. If you don’t have the time at night you can do it once a week. Just jot down 5 things that happened during the week that you were thankful for. Focus on people and not just mundane things. A great app is Day One- I use it weekly. I actually really enjoy looking back these things.

3. Post Sticky Notes- Reminders work wonders. When someone says you’re good at something, don’t you stop and think, “Ya, I am!”. You want validation for things you spend the most time on. When you are working on yourself, value your hard work. We all want to be valued it’s a natural human desire. Post pick-me-ups all around the house or office. Ya, you’ll look like a weirdo if someone uses your bathroom, but not if they look this cool.


Courtesy of October Jones

4. Collect a Jar of Hearts- Hearts, stones, or money, whatever gives you a visualization. Just drop a stone into the jar when you lose weight or maybe go a whole weekend without junk. Fill up the jar and you will feel satisfied with all your hard work. Goals!!


5. Create a Vision Board– I know you are thinking this is soo high school, but it works! Research has shown that you are more likely to reach goals, if you define them. The power of attraction is possible with a little bit of work. Bring out all those old magazines and start getting down to your dreams. By dreams I mean realistic and attainable goals that are short-term. If you are really organized, you can create a life binder (pictured below). Make sure it’s not just about weight loss too. Identify your intentions and look at it everyday as an affirmation. You will be amazed, when you start checking things off! Create a dream board using Pinterest. 


Basically, you have the power to control your weight loss. Yes, we all have off-days, cheat meals, and unexpected events, but don’t ever give up on yourself. Remember that progress is better than no progress.

What hack works for you?

4 Questions Every Girl Has About Waist Trainers

Okay, so this is a totally normal thing out in Miami, FL. Girls wear these waist trainers all over town! Some women show off their bright patterned ones like a new handbag! Waist training and corsets have been around forever right? Why are they all the rage now? Well, Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on Instagram with her waist trainer and the trend followed.

All of us women have the same questions about these things. I read my fair share while shopping for one and wanted to share my answers. *Disclaimer* I am not promoting waist training to be healthy or one in particular. Always consult your Dr. before trying something new with your body.

Frame glitter copy

#1 Is it healthy?

A segment about trainers on Dr. Oz show talked about what it does to your lungs and ribs, but no final conclusion was held. According to an article I found on news.health.com, you can have trouble breathing and acid reflux. Reflux can get pretty ugly, but is probably relieved once you take it off (in my opinion). The other risk I found with research, is that without exercise it can actually make your core weak. The constant support for 8 hours a day can make you use your core less, so it made sense.

#2 Do they work?

Many people swear by them, but I have yet to put it to the test. I will post my results and come back to answer this one. Subscribe to my blog!

#3 What is the difference between a waist trainer and a waist cincher?

A waist cincher is basically shape wear or an undergarment used to shape unflattering areas (like a muffin top). A waist trainer is actually a corset that you wear throughout the day to change the actual shape.


#4 Which is the best waist trainer to buy?


There is so many waist trainers out there today, that it can be very confusing. I do know the brand Kim Kardashian uses is Waist Gang Society, but here are some other brands that pop up a lot.

Such As:

Royal Lioness 

West Gang Society



Cocoon Fitness Waist Cincher



I say eat right, train, then worry about the shape. I will post my updates about the waist trainer when I start it. Have you used one? How long did it take to start seeing a real difference? Look at results online and post below which one has worked for you.